Marley Drug is an American full-service pharmacy that provides online pharmacy services through its DTC e-commerce platform and ships prescribed treatments directly to patients' homes throughout the U.S.

Our new neighborhood pharmacy, online.

U.S. Licensed Pharmacists

FDA-Approved Medications

Available in 50 States

Committed to Patient Care

Our acquisition of Marley Drug,

  • Increases patient access to medications, including Medicure's primary care drug, ZYPITAMAG® (Pitavastatin) tablets
  • Serves as a marketing vehicle for other branded drugs faced with insurance coverage challenges
  • Provides patients significant savings on high fees brought on by wholesalers and pharmacy benefit managers

Marley Drug's mission is to provide patients with fair, safe, and easy access to medication, without the need for insurance.

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Marley Drug brings better health to those who need it most

Several healthcare insurance factors drive patients
to use direct pay options for their prescriptions:

High deductibles

40% of people with private insurance were reported to be on high deductible plans.1

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In 2020, 8.6 percent of people, or 28.0 million, did not have health insurance at any point during the year.2

High cost-share

Drug benefit plans typically require a patient to pay a certain amount out-of-pocket for their prescription drugs. Higher 'tier' drugs increasingly use a percentage of drug cost to determine a patient's cost share.

Coverage gap

Most Medicare drug plans have a coverage gap (also called the "donut hole"), with most patients reaching their coverage limits well before the year ends.

Non-covered or non-preferred

Many Americans report that their insurance plans sometimes don't cover a drug they need - and nearly half the people whom this happens to say they simply don't fill the prescription.3


We remove the intermediaries.

The list of drugs, or formularies, an insurer covers is decided by pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs. PBMs are companies that manage prescription drug benefits on behalf of health insurers, Medicare Part D drug plans, large employers, and other payers.

PBMs are an important player in the pharmaceutical supply chain network and have a significant impact in determining total drug costs for insurers and shaping patients' access to medications.

Our acquisition of Marley Drug allows us to adopt a direct-to-pharmacy distribution model and reduce the number of intermediaries, such as PBMs.

By streamlining the supply chain and cutting out the middleman, we can deliver significant cost savings to patients, whilst retaining profit levels and market share.

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Key Milestones

    • DECEMBER 2020
      • Medicure enters the online pharmacy world with acquisition of Marley Drug.

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    • SEPTEMBER 2021
      • We expanded Marley Drug's offerings to have the Extended Drug Supply Program (renamed as "Marley Drug's Wholesale Price List") include 100+ medications.

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    • OCTOBER 2021
      • We expanded our geographic footprint to include Alabama allowing Marley Drug to ship to all 50 states.

    • NOVEMBER 2021
      • We announced our plans to launch an e-commerce pharmacy platform through Marley Drug pharmacy, offering hundreds of medications directly to millions of Americans

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    • FEBRUARY 2022
      • We updated the branding of Marley Drug and launched the new Marley Drug E-Commerce Platform ( - an online, direct-to-consumer pharmacy service that offers 100+ medications across 50 states and select territories (Read Press Release).

        We announced our strategic partnership with RxSpark. Through this partnership, Marley Drug will be the sole mail-order pharmacy for the RxSpark platform and allow consumers using the platform to receive medication directly to their door.

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