What our acquisition of
Marley Drug offers


No PBM fees

Our acquisition of Marley Drug allows us to cut out the insurance middlemen and sell directly to consumers. As such, there is no rebate required which increases the margin of profitability.


No wholesaler fees

We are able to sell and distribute directly to consumers. By doing so, we have more control over the supply chain and avoid wholesaler fees.


Better product offering

Marley Drug can be used as a vehicle to market our branded products as well as 100s of other generic and branded product offerings directly to the consumer.


Inventory control

By selling through our own pharmacy, we can closely manage inventory and reduce our exposure to returned and expired inventory.


Improved customer relations

Our DTC Marley Drug business model allows us to have a direct line of communication with the consumer.


No prior authorizations

Prior Authorization is the process by which insurers approve or reject prescriptions based on plan formulary. All patients are covered with Marley Drug and no prior authorizations are required.


No step through's

Insurance companies often require patients to try and fail on multiple prescription products before receiving the branded medication they need. No step-through's are required through Marley Drug.


No added pharmacy fees

Our pricing through Marley Drug is transparent - customers pay no additional pharmacy fees and know exactly what they are paying for through our DTC e-commerce platform.


Always in stock

We are able to control and closely manage our inventory, guaranteeing that our products will always be in stock and readily available through Marley Drug.


Convenient home delivery

We are licensed to ship to all 50 states and offer home delivery on all of our orders. No more waiting in lines at the pharmacy.

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