Medicure's Online Pharmacy Marley Drug awarded as a Top 10 Pharmacy in the U.S.

Marley Drug received an award from Chief Digest as one of the Top 10 Pharmacies in the U.S. which everyone should know in 2022.


About Marley Drug

Marley Drug is a full-service pharmacy solution that offers home delivery of prescription medications across the US.

Marley Drug is a subsidiary of Medicure which was purchased in December 2020. This strategic purchased allowed Medicure to develop a direct-to-patient model to increase access to medications owned by Medicure, including Zypitamag (pitavastatin) tablets.

Marley Drug has made a name for itself through its transparent wholesale pricing model. Marley Drug prices medications based on what it costs to by them – a welcome change from the current pharmacy model which has built a reputation for unfair drug pricing with high mark-ups over the years.

At Marley Drug we offer fair pricing, and we couple that with great customer service. The end result is that customers get a healthier pharmacy experience.


About Chief Digest

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