Commitment to Community

Medicure is about People. We are connected with the communities where we work and are dedicated to making an impact through meaningful support to organizations, initiatives, and causes that reflect our core mission and values. We take on social responsibility and encourage our employees to give and volunteer in ways that advance our commitment to the communities we serve and are meaningful to them. We are proud to highlight our People and their significant contributions.

Our Stories and Perspectives

#MedicureTurns25: A Conversation with our CEO as we celebrate 25 years

This month, Medicure turns 25 years old. Medicure's founder and CEO, Albert D. Friesen, reflects on the company's 25th anniversary, his experience, and what lies ahead.

It Takes Guts to Find a Cure

In Canada, there are roughly 300,000 Canadians living with Inflammatory Bowel Diease, a group of disorders that cause chronic inflammation in the digestive tract. Living with a chronic disease can be challenging. The paths you take are often unique; every disease presents its own challenges, and every individual has their own experiences and barriers that they must overcome.

Infusing Passion Into My Desk Job

When we consider our dream job, we often think of finding a vocation; some ideal job that makes us passionate and excited about going to work every day. Some might think of jobs like doctors, yoga instructors, even video game designers, but compliance officer probably doesn't come to mind.

Meet our VP of Medical and Business Affairs

We sat down with our Vice President of Medical and Business Affairs to learn a bit more about them.
Reuben Saba, Ph.D. is the Vice President of Medical and Business Affairs at Medicure.


Meet our President and Chief Operating Officer

Neil Owens, Ph.D. is the President and COO at Medicure. We sat down with Neil to learn a bit more about him.

Meet our Compliance Officer

Leanne Taylor is a Compliance Officer at Medicure where her primary goal is to ensure that Medicure operates with the highest standard of professional conduct.
We sat down with Leanne and asked her a few questions to help you get to know her better.



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