Meet our Compliance Officer

We sat down with Leanne Taylor to learn a bit more about her.

Leanne Taylor is a Compliance Officer at Medicure where her primary goal is to ensure that Medicure operates with the highest standard of professional conduct. In 2022 Leanne was named the one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in Biotechnology by the Healthcare Technology Report.

Leanne supports Medicure's operations in the complex legal landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. Some of her more impressive accomplishments include securing and maintaining licensure for the Medicure owned pharmacy – Marley Drug in all 50 states. A claim very few online pharmacies in the U.S. can make.

Outside of work Leanne is an Elite Athlete competing in Paratriathlon for Team Canada. She placed 4th at World Championships in 2022 and has her eyes set on qualifying for the 2024 Paris Paralympics.


What do you enjoy most about working for Medicure?

The best thing about working at Medicure is hands down the people that you work with. I am constantly learning from and being inspired by my coworkers.


What are you goals professionally and personally?

Professionally I want to be an integral part of the team that enables Medicure to reach it's goals for growth of Zypitamag, Aggrastat and Marley Drug. In sport, my goal is to earn a podium position at the Paralympic Games. Ultimately both are important to me because I want to demonstrate that people with disabilities do not have to expect less out of life that those without disabilities.


What does high performance mean to you?

To me, high performance is about pushing boundaries. It means understanding what has been done before, learning from it, and pushing past it. It means not allowing yourself to be bound by others' expectations of what is possible.

Leanne became the first female in Canada to compete in Paratriathlon. She did so just 8 months after her injury. Something no one expected. Medicure is proud to be supporting Leanne in her 'Road to Paris' and we will be with her during this amazing journey.

How do you manage your work life balance? Or in your case, work life sport balance?

In addition to working as a Compliance Officer at Medicure, I compete in paratriathlon as a member of the Canadian National Team, with the goal of representing Canada in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. It's a balancing act to squeeze in two work outs a day with my work obligations but it brings be a great deal of joy to be able to manage both. Training can be a great way to blow off steam and re-focus. Having work as source of confidence and purpose really helps me to hold my head high on the days when I fall short of my expectation in sport. It takes organization to fit everything into my schedule, and discipline to stick to the plan but it is absolutely worth it be to able to compete on the international stage wearing to logo of the company who took a chance on me as a new university graduate and taught me so much about hard work and perseverance.


What is your favourite place you've travelled for sport so far?

In 2021 we had just begun to return to racing following the pandemic lockdown. There were still restrictions in place at races, but we had the opportunity to travel and race again. I raced in Leeds and some of my family members who lived in England that I hadn't seen for years came to see the race. My Gran was there and as expected she was my loudest cheerleader. Although we were separated by race barriers (as per the COVID restrictions), I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to her for a few moments at the end of the race. My Gran passed away shortly after so those few stolen moments were the last ones that we would spend together. I felt so fortunate that my last memory of her was of her cheering her heart out at the finish line. Leeds certainly isn't the most picturesque place that we have raced but it will always be my favourite.


What was it like to be a part of Medicure during the Aggrastat Growth Phase? What was your role in Medicure at the time?

I was hired during the Aggrastat growth phase as a hospital account associate. At the time, I covered a territory in the Midwest including Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. There was such great energy in the office. We were continually bringing in new staff the help to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Our team was young and motivated. As you would expect, that made an environment that was a little competitive, all wanting to assist as many hospitals as possible in transitioning to Aggrastat, but it was also collaborative. I learned a great deal from my coworkers, many of whom have become lifelong friends. We were busy, constantly travelling back and forth to our territories in the U.S. but our work was satisfying. I was proud to be representing a product that I believed in, and that could help hospitals in the U.S. to save money.